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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Blog Swap goodies!

So sorry it has been so long since I've written a post. In October i was extremely busy studying and undertaking exams and then straight after i went back to work full time so i'm always just so exhausted and so glad the Uni semester is over because juggling full time work with full time uni is crazy and then throw in exams and crazy clients at work and it all just becomes one big blur! I needed like a month to clear my head and get back into the beauty world of things :) Life is so much more simple here.. haha

So my post tonight is actually a really exciting one for me. In my previous post down below i mentioned a Christmas Beauty Blog swap that was being organised and hosted by Jasmine at Sweetaholic Beauty. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in this swap and i was paired with the ever so lovely Robyn at Want, Buy, Blog! who is from the UK. This was my first blog swap ever and it so happened to be the first for Robyn also. We hit it off straight away, swapping and sharing beauty favourites and asking each other what we'd like to see or try from the other country. I mentioned that I'd love to try MUA, EOS balms or Sleek makeup. I wasnt really familiar with what else was exclusive to the UK but honestly i was fine with anything and just couldnt wait to get shopping for her! We also set a budget of AUD$50 because i'm sure all you Aussie girls agree that it's hard to find a decent amount of beauty products for under $50! it's just ridiculous the price we pay here. But anyways, we had agreed to post our boxes around the 26th November and that's exactly what happened. Robyn was lucky to receive mine first in under a week! I was pretty impressed with the postal service and then today... i finally received mine! and in only a week. I was so excited to come home to this: 

So many goodies!!

Sorry for the photo spam, but i was really excited lol

And now onto the good stuff.. i literally ripped everything open so fast and kept "oohing and ahhing"and everything lol

A clearer shot since the above pic showed a crazy amount of reflective glare

So happy to receive an EOS balm and in the flavour i wanted! (Didnt even mention it to Robyn, but she's amazing!)

Lip goodies

Benefit samples! How cute is the box it came in?

More samples!
Who doesnt love chocolate? I have to restrain myself from eating all this in one go!

So that's everything I received! I am so incredibly grateful for Robyn's generosity and am still speechless with all the products. I absolutely love all of them and can't wait to try them out! Am particularly excited to try the Undressed palette as i've read pretty good things about it. I'll do more detailed reviews and write-ups once i get around to using the products but for now i just wanted to share an overview of all the things i received :)

Finally, I just want to say a big thank you to Jasmine for organising such a great blog swap. I had so much fun shopping for Robyn and would definitely do something like this again. I bet it would have taken a really long time to match up the participants and get emails sent out so I do appreciate the hard work that Jasmine had put in to make this so successful :)

I'd also like to thank Robyn for being a great swap partner and for all the amazing products she included in my package. I'm going to have so much fun trying everything out :) It's sad that it's now ended but i feel like i have a new friend so im happy about that! :)

Did anyone else participate in this Christmas blog swap? I'd love to know what others received!