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Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

I'm back with another review and this time it's for the new Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation. I'd heard quite a bit about this foundation from other bloggers and predominantly Youtube and finally it's out in Australia! We are a little slow.. but better now than never is what they say right?
I bought mine in Big W on the way back to my car at QV so it wasn't on sale or anything but i spilled the cash anyway and for $33.00 it's hardly cheap. For those interested, MYER is having a one day sale tomorrow and there's going to be 25% off Revlon. (damn!)

So anyways, back to the foundation, I bought mine in the shade #250 Medium Beige 

You get 23.7ml of product in the jar and actually, speaking of the jar, it is quite heavy! I sure wouldn't want to drop this on the tile or anything because i can just picture it smashing into pieces and foundation flying everywhere. On the other hand, the packaging is quite expensive looking; simple but classy.

When you screw the top off, this is pretty much what you get. The foundation is almost like a watery consistency however it's thicker than liquid, if that makes any sense. I wouldn't go far as to say that it is 'whipped' because when i think of whipped, i think of mousse and this is nothing like that. It's more of a creme which.. is what it does say on the jar. So let's just go with whipped creme even though i don't particularly like the word whipped in there.

You don't get very much product and i would presume it's is quick to use up as it doesnt really go by the concept of "a little goes a long way". Another thing is that I find it difficult to get the product out because i dont like sticking my brush or fingers in there but it has to be done which is a downside.
I apply the foundation by scooping some out and placing it on the back of my hand and then using the Real Techniques stippling brush, just stipple it all over my face.

 Medium Beige is a perfect match for my skintone.

Blended out.

I would say the coverage is medium and possibly buildable to full. Upon applying it, it really accentuates all my lines, pores and dry patches but i let it settle for about 5-10 minutes and suddenly my faces appears completely flawless and matte. I don't usually like matte foundations but this just makes my skin appear so healthy and "HD". I've worn this foundation out all day today and i would say it's been about 8 hours and with no touch ups my skin still looks perfect. Even my bronzer and blush have stayed put and I could just go out again all night and wouldnt feel the need to do touch ups to my face make up. It really is amazing.
Revlon claims this foundation to last 24 hours but really.. who would wear it for that long and im curious to know if they actually tested that, arent you?

All in all, I'm really enjoying this foundation, my skin feels and looks silky smooth and I definitely don't regret it at all, looks like i'll be adding this as my go-to foundation!

Have you tried the whipped foundation or intend to? If you have any questions leave them down below! x

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

Wow I'm really on a roll today with the posts. I think I just had too much to update on but because of school and work I just don't have the time to space out my posts so as soon as I have a chance I may as well get it all out. Sorry!
But I just wanted to let you guys know that today I received my package from iherb containing Real Technique makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman. Actually, the first time I came across these brushes was in Priceline but my gosh they were expensive. The Core collection was $44.99 and just the singular brushes were almost $20 I think. I'm so glad I didnt purchase them there and then though (something I would usually do) because I really wanted to read reviews on them first before I spent the $$$. Lucky I did though because not only did it assure me that the brushes were good quality but I also discovered that I should purchase them from for less than half the price!

I ended up buying the Core collection, Starter set, blush brush and stippling brush and all this costed me just a few dollars more than what it would be if I just bought the Core collection at Priceline. I dont know about you but I always feel awesome after discovering bargains!
Now I know that if it's your first time browsing the website might look a little dodgy and not flashy, but I speak from experience that i had a smooth transaction and although hesitant to purchase from the site, it all worked out fine and as you can see the brushes came all in one piece.
I live in Melbourne and it took just under 2 weeks for them to arrive. I've had a feel and this brushes are amazingly soft, I cant wait to try them out!
If you're thinking of buying from the site, they also sell Ecotool brushes, Physician's Formula makeup and various other brands, just do some browsing and you may be surprised by what you'll find. Here's a coupon code as well for $5 off your first order. BIM269. 

Have you guys tried or are interested in trying out the real techniques brushes? let me know! x 



Have Instagram? Follow Me!

So I thought I'd share just another one of the many social networking sites/apps I have and I actually enjoy using Instagram because there's just so many amazing photos that people take, I feel like I can get so much inspiration just by browsing the many many photos that people post. So if you have time, check out my instagram and follow if you like and if you have it too post your username down below! :) @neekaa

Just a few of the pics that are on my account.. :)

Review: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I think I've found my new love! I saw this product a few weeks ago on a haul video on youtube and really didnt think anything of it. It looked interesting and i think i made a mental note to check it out but it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago i stumbled across it whilst browsing through Priceline. There was a sale for 20% off Trilogy products so i decided to buy it and possibly give it a ago. I was a bit skeptical as I dont generally like to add new products to my skincare routine especially when my skin is going fine and i have no reason to add anything to it just incase I get a crazy reaction and my skin doesn't forgive me.

The bottle costs around $23 full price and is 20ml. So it's quite small but it would or at least should last you quite awhile. At first I was skeptical about using it even though i'd purchased it because i'd read mixed reviews online. whilst it worked well for some people, it also gave horrible reactions to others. But i decided to take the plunge and thank goodness I did because im sure this will forever be a staple in my skincare routine!
A little background on my skin is that I have very oily skin especially in the T-zone area. I work full time and usually by lunchtime and after my skin will just become shiny and oily no matter what primer i've used and I could blot all afternoon. I sort of just gave up on my self and accepted that this was how my face was always going to be. Not anymore.
Rosehip oil has balancing properties that can be used by anyone whether they have dry or oily skins, and it allows the skin to breathe, therefore all skin types can benefit from rosehip oil.
It can be used as a preventative measure and can also help reduce premature aging. Also, if you already suffer from things such as pigmentation, wrinkling etc, rosehip oil, applied daily can reverse the damage and make the skin appear healthier.

I apply two drops of rosehip oil onto my hand and dot it onto my face and gently rub it in twice a day, once in the morning and again at night onto a clean face. I then let my skin absorb the oil and I can instantly feel from within, my skin just feeling so much softer and healthier. The texture of my face has also gone a lot softer and so much smoother as well as evening out my skin tone. I used to have a lot of redness around my nose but that's clearing up as well. I really recommend Trilogy rosehip oil as I have completely fallen in love with it and can't see myself without it now. It really does make a difference and i'm only sorry that I didn't try it out sooner.

Have you guys tried rosehip oil before? If you have any questions, leave them down below and i'll try my best to answer! x

Sunday, July 15, 2012

NEW from Kit Cosmetics: Blender Sphere

Hey guys, it's been awhile! I just wanted to share with you something I've picked up as recently as yesterday! So i was browsing through Myer when I came across the Kit Cosmetics section and stumbled across this as their new beauty tool. They call it the "blender sphere". I was really intrigued by this as I currently own, use and LOVE the original beauty blender and use it to apply my liquid foundation. So when i saw this i was instantly curious. First of all, the shape is completely different to the "egg" shape of the beauty blender.

When I look at it I think of it as the egg has been stretched out. I'm not too sure how i feel about it as i have this feeling it's just going to be difficult to stipple the foundation evenly over my face. Also I'm not sure and i forgot to ask whether this can be used wet and whether it expands, I really have no idea because I haven't had the chance to use it yet. It retails for $14.95 so I think it's reasonably priced. Definitely anything more and it would be pushing it a little.
On the packaging it has been described as "An ergonomic, 3D sponge to revolutionise your foundation application". I would like to hope so!

When comparing to the beauty blender, you can see that they are completely different in terms of shape (I guess you could say colour lol) and also in texture. If you have had the chance to feel the beauty blender, you'll find that it is quite soft and "squishy". The Blender Sphere however feels a lot more firm and less spongy so I'm curious as to whether it will distribute foundation nicely. And again, whether it will expand if i soak it under water first and if that will help the application more smoothly.

Has anyone else seen these around or tried it? If you want to know how it goes let me know and I'll keep you all updated!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maybelline Haul!

So another weekend has just passed and of course, typical me I spent Sunday at Chadstone just browsing around not really looking for anything in particular. While in Priceline, I couldnt believe my eyes. ALL Maybelline mascaras were $10! and i mean all. I don't think i've ever come across that kind of deal before. Generally, I think mascaras are always overpriced way beyond what I know they should be, *hint hint, U.S anyone?* but I always just gave in and bought 1 or 2 anyway. But I couldn't walk past this deal so I actually picked up only two.

I somehow thought that I wanted more but mascaras tend to last me awhile and I have a few tubes to get through anyway. The Full 'N Soft is my go-to mascara everyday. It's been my favourite since I first ever tried it years ago. It nicely separates my lashes and isn't too thickening so it's perfect for my everyday when I go to work. It's also very light in texture and feeling so I dont feel like it's dragging down my lashes ultimately making my eyes droop cos I find some mascaras can do that to me.
I also picked up the Falsies Volum Express mascara only because I couldnt decide which other one to get. There are just so many! And I didnt have time to jump on my phone and skim through reviews haha, so I took my chances and went for this one, fingers cross I like it! I'm really tempted to pick up some more as well for fear that the sale will be over and I'll regret it!

Something else that caught my eye..

Finally! About time they made it to Australia and boy was I excited and what's more, I was quite surprised by the price. I expected something at least near the $20 mark but they're actually being sold for $11.50 in Priceline, amazing!
This time I spent a lot longer trying to decide which colours to purchase by figuring out which ones I was likely to use. Although, I think in the long run I'll end up getting them all just because they look so nice! And swatching them in the store, they're so nicely and vibrantly pigmented and creamy, I was very impressed. What's more is that they're lasting power was pretty amazing, 1 day later and having washed my hands several times I can still see the swatch marks all over my hands.

The first one I picked up was Tough as Taupe,  I like taupe everything so it was only natural that I picked this up. I also thought it would work nice as a base for a dark smokey as I prefer brown rather than black.

Audacious Ashphalt wasn't one that I was really eyeing, I actually almost picked walked away with the purple one but thought I'd swatch this one anyway and I'm so glad I did! it's such a pretty grey/silver with glitter/shimmer but very finely. I wasn't sure what look to do with it but I'm sure I can figure something out, it was just too pretty to put down.

Lastly, Tenacious Teal. I had to at least get one that was a bright colour and blue seemed the way to go for me. I think i always go for safe colours so I'm definitely going back to pick up the other ones. This is a really bright and vibrant sparkly blue. I think it would work well as a liner for a pop of colour. I'm so excited to wear these out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you own any of the other shades and let me know what you think :) x

I need YOUR help :)

Hey Guys!
I've recently been nominated Beauty Guru of the Month by Star Central Magazine! I'd love it if you guys could please help vote for me to get me all the way! :)

You can vote once a day everyday until July 30th, 12am AEST. I would appreciate it so much!!

Just click on the link above and scroll down to the bottom where you'll find the voting box. Just click "Veronica" and vote and that's it!

Thank you :)