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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

Wow I'm really on a roll today with the posts. I think I just had too much to update on but because of school and work I just don't have the time to space out my posts so as soon as I have a chance I may as well get it all out. Sorry!
But I just wanted to let you guys know that today I received my package from iherb containing Real Technique makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman. Actually, the first time I came across these brushes was in Priceline but my gosh they were expensive. The Core collection was $44.99 and just the singular brushes were almost $20 I think. I'm so glad I didnt purchase them there and then though (something I would usually do) because I really wanted to read reviews on them first before I spent the $$$. Lucky I did though because not only did it assure me that the brushes were good quality but I also discovered that I should purchase them from for less than half the price!

I ended up buying the Core collection, Starter set, blush brush and stippling brush and all this costed me just a few dollars more than what it would be if I just bought the Core collection at Priceline. I dont know about you but I always feel awesome after discovering bargains!
Now I know that if it's your first time browsing the website might look a little dodgy and not flashy, but I speak from experience that i had a smooth transaction and although hesitant to purchase from the site, it all worked out fine and as you can see the brushes came all in one piece.
I live in Melbourne and it took just under 2 weeks for them to arrive. I've had a feel and this brushes are amazingly soft, I cant wait to try them out!
If you're thinking of buying from the site, they also sell Ecotool brushes, Physician's Formula makeup and various other brands, just do some browsing and you may be surprised by what you'll find. Here's a coupon code as well for $5 off your first order. BIM269. 

Have you guys tried or are interested in trying out the real techniques brushes? let me know! x 




  1. mine should be arriving anyday too!!!

    1. exciting! i couldnt wait for mine lol

  2. I love iHerb for RT brushes :) Hope you love all of them, Real Techniques have more or less overtaken my entire brush collection and I have no regrets :P

    1. haha i'm getting there, although im not a fan of the pointed foundation brush, it felt prickly and sharp on my skin :(