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Monday, July 2, 2012

Maybelline Haul!

So another weekend has just passed and of course, typical me I spent Sunday at Chadstone just browsing around not really looking for anything in particular. While in Priceline, I couldnt believe my eyes. ALL Maybelline mascaras were $10! and i mean all. I don't think i've ever come across that kind of deal before. Generally, I think mascaras are always overpriced way beyond what I know they should be, *hint hint, U.S anyone?* but I always just gave in and bought 1 or 2 anyway. But I couldn't walk past this deal so I actually picked up only two.

I somehow thought that I wanted more but mascaras tend to last me awhile and I have a few tubes to get through anyway. The Full 'N Soft is my go-to mascara everyday. It's been my favourite since I first ever tried it years ago. It nicely separates my lashes and isn't too thickening so it's perfect for my everyday when I go to work. It's also very light in texture and feeling so I dont feel like it's dragging down my lashes ultimately making my eyes droop cos I find some mascaras can do that to me.
I also picked up the Falsies Volum Express mascara only because I couldnt decide which other one to get. There are just so many! And I didnt have time to jump on my phone and skim through reviews haha, so I took my chances and went for this one, fingers cross I like it! I'm really tempted to pick up some more as well for fear that the sale will be over and I'll regret it!

Something else that caught my eye..

Finally! About time they made it to Australia and boy was I excited and what's more, I was quite surprised by the price. I expected something at least near the $20 mark but they're actually being sold for $11.50 in Priceline, amazing!
This time I spent a lot longer trying to decide which colours to purchase by figuring out which ones I was likely to use. Although, I think in the long run I'll end up getting them all just because they look so nice! And swatching them in the store, they're so nicely and vibrantly pigmented and creamy, I was very impressed. What's more is that they're lasting power was pretty amazing, 1 day later and having washed my hands several times I can still see the swatch marks all over my hands.

The first one I picked up was Tough as Taupe,  I like taupe everything so it was only natural that I picked this up. I also thought it would work nice as a base for a dark smokey as I prefer brown rather than black.

Audacious Ashphalt wasn't one that I was really eyeing, I actually almost picked walked away with the purple one but thought I'd swatch this one anyway and I'm so glad I did! it's such a pretty grey/silver with glitter/shimmer but very finely. I wasn't sure what look to do with it but I'm sure I can figure something out, it was just too pretty to put down.

Lastly, Tenacious Teal. I had to at least get one that was a bright colour and blue seemed the way to go for me. I think i always go for safe colours so I'm definitely going back to pick up the other ones. This is a really bright and vibrant sparkly blue. I think it would work well as a liner for a pop of colour. I'm so excited to wear these out!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you own any of the other shades and let me know what you think :) x


  1. I was so excited to see the maybelline color tattoos in my priceline!! :D I was expecting $20 too.

    Do you know which mascara out of maybelline's are not too wet?

  2. haha yeah, im so glad it's not! makes it easier to try and buy the whole lot lol

    i'd probably say the full 'n soft, it's not too wet and it's really great for everyday, i love it!

  3. the blue looks amazing! :P
    i'm from melbourne too

    followed you xx

  4. it is! it's so pretty in person, if you get a chance, def check it out.
    And thanks, followed u back! x

  5. Gorgeous colours! I got Tough as Taupe from eBay a few months ago cos I was impatient. I love wearing it on lazy days - can just quickly sweep it over the lips so I look more awake!

  6. haha i didnt even consider that, but im so glad they're here now! definitely looking forward to trying them out and probably gonna buy more!

  7. I haven't tried the color tattoo stuff! I might pop by my priceline later in the week to find them lol

    1. yeah you should! colours are running out fast lol, at least the places i've been..

  8. I love my Color Tattoos! I will warn you that the taupe one is a little patchy and harder to blend out than my other ones, but I still love it! xoxo

    1. oh really? that's a shame.. thanks for letting me know!