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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Have Instagram? Follow Me!

So I thought I'd share just another one of the many social networking sites/apps I have and I actually enjoy using Instagram because there's just so many amazing photos that people take, I feel like I can get so much inspiration just by browsing the many many photos that people post. So if you have time, check out my instagram and follow if you like and if you have it too post your username down below! :) @neekaa

Just a few of the pics that are on my account.. :)


  1. Oo I love the vintage/ other filters you can use to change your pictures according to mood! However I don't personally use the app much so it's more of less useless for me, maybe i'm just lazy haha.

    And is that takoyaki?? Looks super delish :D

  2. haha fair enough, it's fun to play with when i'm bored lol
    yes, its takoyaki! my first time as well, i love it! x