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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Killer Heels?

Wow, i really never realise how long i neglect my blog for, i guess i'm not really a blog type person. I actually made a plan to get into my blog these uni holidays but, as it turns out, i haven't had much of a 'holiday' what with work every single day and so forth. But, that doesn't mean i haven't been able to fit in some recreational shopping etc. So.. in light of that, I decided to share two of my recent pairs of shoes that i picked up and absolutely loveee !

This pair is one of my new favourites, i'm having a thing for sparkly shoes recently, which you will also be able to tell in the next pair coming up. I have no idea why, but i'm just getting attracted to them lately lol. I dont own that many pairs of ankle boots, in fact, i can tell you now, i only have two, including this one. So I was totally excited when i saw this pair. I just find them different and i'm liking the lace detailing along the front, it just gives them more edge don't you think?

The next pair..

I know these look super high, and yes they are! i think they are the highest pair of heels that i own. Killer Heels -- literally.. maybe physically too lol. But, i couldnt resist them. They are sequined too, same as the above black ankle boots and once again, i fell for the sparkly-ness lol. Also, i love pump shoes, all types so this is just kind of adding to my collection.
I dont think i'll be buying any more shoes any time soon, there are some i haven't even worn yet, as my mum likes to remind me lol.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and hopefully i wont take so long to add another one again!

Much Love,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shadow Lady Eyeshadows (Sportsgirl)

Ok so i know i don't post often and that's usually because i dont know what to write about or i'm just so busy i really don't have the time. But I'm trying. I've been slacking with the videos too but I've been thinking and it really is something I enjoy doing during my spare time, but its so hard because 'spare time' doesn't come around too often for me -_-" soo anyways, I've decided what i can use this blog for and that is for reviews.. maybe hauls? and stuff like that. I don't really want to make videos of hauls and reviews, unless its something really worth doing, so instead i'll just blog about it :)

So anyways, the other day after uni i was browsing along the shops when i came across Sportsgirl (clothing store..for those who dont know) and i've always known they had their own makeup section and there were some things i usually eye but never bought. But this day, they had reduced most products and i found that this one eyeshadow i had wanted to try had been marked down. They were $9.95 reduced to $4.95 so i had to get it. But i actually ended up picking up 5 eyeshadows. They're really pigmented and shimmery. However, i dont expect much from these.. so as expected there are flaws. You definately need some sort of eye primer to keep them lasting all day. Which i must say, it did! For the price, i dont regret buying them. The only complaint i have is the staying power isn't very longlasting without primer. But with it, it does last. So i took some photos and swatches for you.

As you can see, they are really shimmery, which is nice for a change, i have a lot of matte eyeshadows so i really like the metallic look of these. I'm thinking of picking some up and adding it to my giveaway for when i hit 500 subscribers ;)

Much love,

- n

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yuri (SNSD) Inspired Hair

Wow i am definately a failure with keeping a blog lol, sometimes i forget i even have this, i'm not really one to keep up with something over a long period of time, so i'm trying :) Anyway, its been the easter holidays so i had a week off uni and filmed a hair tutorial inspired by Yuri from SNSD from the 'Run Devil Run' MV. This song is so catchy! i have it on repeat now, i may not understand it but like i said, its catchy xD It's really just simple drop curls with lots of volume. It's hard to get my hair to have volume though because its so thick it just drops and goes flat often and i hateeee teasing my hair, but what can you do? lol. So i hope you guys enjoy this vid and let me know if you try it! :)

- N

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I Started on Youtube?

So.. you may or may not be wondering why i started to do makeup videos on Youtube. I know that before i got into this i, myself, wondered how or why girls did this. So here is my answer. I started watching makeup tutorials around May-June 2008. That was pretty much the first time i discovered the beauty community on youtube. (it was also the first time i really used youtube. Before that i kind of didn't know too much about Youtube or what it was LOL) It was kind of by accident as i had somewhere to go and i wanted to try to do a smokey eye but i had no idea how. And as an act of impulse i randomly typed in 'smokey eye' into youtube not really expecting much. But!! my gosh.. i felt like i unlocked this world of awesomeness LOL. Not only were there tutorials for smokey eyes but there was so much makeup tips and tricks i was completely shocked. From there, i created a random youtube account and started subscribing once i figured out how to (i'm pretty slow lol). So from there on.. i started practising whenever i had the time.. i started to pick up on the tips and started to find what worked best for me. It takes a lot of time and patience. The first time i tried a smokey eye, i wore it to the function i had to go to, being proud of my achievement, but when i look back at the photos now, i definately resembled a panda bear. LOL. I can't believe i went out like that. Although.. they are good memories, i would like to think i have gotten better now.. i hope.
So anyway, it was from there on i kind of spent my spare time watching these videos, i have a few favourites, and when i can, i practice. Now, i'm not really a artistic, creative type of person. i pretty much suck at any type of drawings etc so it took me a long time to really get anywhere makeup wise. On top of that, i didn't know there were so many brushes involved! i 100% before youtube had no idea about brushes, i didn't even know that so many different brushes were used for different techniques. i know.. im so sad lol. But you know, it takes a really long time to learn all of this, well for me anyway. It's because of youtube, i own so much makeup (for my personal use). It's definately not alot compared to the other gurus, but it's alot compared to what i would have owned if i didnt get involved with Youtube. I never really took interest in cosmetics before this time, but it's only now, i know that makeup is something i love doing.
So why post videos? Well.. i wanted to give back from what i learnt. I know that there are so many talented gurus on youtube, so so many and it would take me years and years to reach their levels. But instead, i want to take it one step at a time and help those that want to start just the way i did. I know how helpful it is to watch someone who also just starts out with makeup and keeps the tutorials simple. That's what i'm aiming to do. Simple and quick. Well, that's the stage that i feel i'm at. I'm not going to say i'm a pro or anything because i'm no where near, i'm only starting also :) it took me awhile to build up the courage. I'm usually a shy person so to put myself out there seemed like a risky thing. But i thought to myself, what do i have to lose? Basically if i uploaded this video then a lot of people that i don't know may or may not watch it. But i was intrigued to see if anyone would. And they did..sort of. It took me a long while to start putting up more videos after my first one but now it seems to be ok, i think i'm slowly getting there..
My highlight of my short youtube time would have to be co-hosting BlogTV with MichellePhan aka RiceBunny. It was kind of a spur of the moment but it was definately memorable. Even though i didnt say much, i was too shocked haha and also because my net was lagging hardcore >_< but she is definately a big inspiration to me so i was excited :)

But yeah.. this is so long! lol i didnt expect it to be this long but basically you get the idea as to how and why i started youtube videos. I hope this kind of lets you know about where i came from and into youtube and for those that want to get into it, give it a go! you have nothing to lose :)


Introductions !

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to my newly created blogspot. I'm really new at this so bare with me, i decided to create this just to randomly share everyday things that you may not see or know about me through my youtube videos :) But then again, i'm pretty new at youtube also so there hasn't been much space for alot to be said. Anyway, since this is only introductory, I do hope to get better at this, make it more attractive and what not, and hopefully.. actually have interesting stuff to read :)
Until next time,