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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shadow Lady Eyeshadows (Sportsgirl)

Ok so i know i don't post often and that's usually because i dont know what to write about or i'm just so busy i really don't have the time. But I'm trying. I've been slacking with the videos too but I've been thinking and it really is something I enjoy doing during my spare time, but its so hard because 'spare time' doesn't come around too often for me -_-" soo anyways, I've decided what i can use this blog for and that is for reviews.. maybe hauls? and stuff like that. I don't really want to make videos of hauls and reviews, unless its something really worth doing, so instead i'll just blog about it :)

So anyways, the other day after uni i was browsing along the shops when i came across Sportsgirl (clothing store..for those who dont know) and i've always known they had their own makeup section and there were some things i usually eye but never bought. But this day, they had reduced most products and i found that this one eyeshadow i had wanted to try had been marked down. They were $9.95 reduced to $4.95 so i had to get it. But i actually ended up picking up 5 eyeshadows. They're really pigmented and shimmery. However, i dont expect much from these.. so as expected there are flaws. You definately need some sort of eye primer to keep them lasting all day. Which i must say, it did! For the price, i dont regret buying them. The only complaint i have is the staying power isn't very longlasting without primer. But with it, it does last. So i took some photos and swatches for you.

As you can see, they are really shimmery, which is nice for a change, i have a lot of matte eyeshadows so i really like the metallic look of these. I'm thinking of picking some up and adding it to my giveaway for when i hit 500 subscribers ;)

Much love,

- n

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