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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Killer Heels?

Wow, i really never realise how long i neglect my blog for, i guess i'm not really a blog type person. I actually made a plan to get into my blog these uni holidays but, as it turns out, i haven't had much of a 'holiday' what with work every single day and so forth. But, that doesn't mean i haven't been able to fit in some recreational shopping etc. So.. in light of that, I decided to share two of my recent pairs of shoes that i picked up and absolutely loveee !

This pair is one of my new favourites, i'm having a thing for sparkly shoes recently, which you will also be able to tell in the next pair coming up. I have no idea why, but i'm just getting attracted to them lately lol. I dont own that many pairs of ankle boots, in fact, i can tell you now, i only have two, including this one. So I was totally excited when i saw this pair. I just find them different and i'm liking the lace detailing along the front, it just gives them more edge don't you think?

The next pair..

I know these look super high, and yes they are! i think they are the highest pair of heels that i own. Killer Heels -- literally.. maybe physically too lol. But, i couldnt resist them. They are sequined too, same as the above black ankle boots and once again, i fell for the sparkly-ness lol. Also, i love pump shoes, all types so this is just kind of adding to my collection.
I dont think i'll be buying any more shoes any time soon, there are some i haven't even worn yet, as my mum likes to remind me lol.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and hopefully i wont take so long to add another one again!

Much Love,

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  1. LOL, just read the title of this post and found it amusing that I just commented on your other with the same description. :P I would love to see fashion posts with your shoes! x