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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Wow if there has ever been a fail blogger it would probably have to be me, right? I can't believe my last post was back in 2010 and ironically at the end of my last post it had something along the lines of "hopefully i won't take too long" to add another post.. oops lol. So in that time all the way until now so much has happened and changed that i probably won't get into because that would just take epically long and i really don't want to bore you guys to death about my life story lol. All that's important i guess is that I have time to blog and things to blog about now so let this be a new chapter to my blogging attempt and see just how consistent i can be :) as a result, i may be doing multiple posts in a single day but hey, i have a lot to make up for! Enjoy :) x

p.s. i couldnt resist but sharing a little something, how cute is my new puppy i bought just over a month ago? he's the newest baby in the family!

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