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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

So to start of my 'welcome back to blogging' post I just wanted to share with you guys two pairs of heels that i recently picked up! If you live in Melbourne you'll know where I'm talking about. The first pair i picked up a few weeks ago during the Chadstone VIP sale, i was actually struggling that night to find something, anything i liked and i came across this pair of heels and it just caught my eye, but not only that, it looked even nicer on and even though i had no real reason for a new pair of heels i couldnt resist the deal. i think it went from its original price of $79.99 down to $55.00. I couldnt walk away from it so.. i bought it :)

Also, yesterday i went to the Tony Bianco warehouse sale down at Collingwood, I actually wasn't planning to go as I really don't need more shoes and especially heels, I dont really go out too much that I would need countless pairs of heels but as it turns out, I can't resist hype and this sale was getting a lot of hype so typical me, I dragged my bf along and ended up waiting in line to get in, crazy right?! The wait wasn't too long though and actually I was a little disappointed as prior to going in I saw girls walking out with bags and bags of shoes and handbags, but my experience was a little more plain and i ended up leaving with just one pair of shoes. I actually found a few pairs i did like but funnily enough they were all in the same colour so i couldnt justify getting different pairs of shoes in the same colour. Oh well, i was still happy with my purchase :) These were $40 and are super comfy!

Now I really need to lay off the shoe shopping, here's hoping i stay away from shoe stores for awhile!


  1. Those really are some killer heels! So very pretty!! <3

    1. Thank you! let's hope they can last all night though.. lol