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Monday, June 11, 2012

Queen's Birthday Retail Therapy

Come and gone was our last long weekend for another good 4 months or so and what better way to spend it than to go shopping. Actually, I really had nothing else to do and I couldnt stand staying in bed for another day so off to Chadstone I went. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular but like that has ever stopped me! I did manage to pick up a few things that I'm happy with.
First thing was this pack from Lancome:

I already had sample sizes of the Hydra Zen Moisturizer and the Galateis Douceur from a promotion some months ago and I really loved them that I had planned to buy the full sized products when I had the chance but they're actually quite expensive my themselves that I never had the courage to splurge on them. From memory, the full size of the Galateis Douceur cleansing fluid for the face & eyes is around $65-$70 which in my opinion was a little excessive for make up remover but I did love it a lot. I havent even finished my sample size as I've been using it sparingly only for when I am wearing heavy eye make up. That goes the same for my sample size of the moisturizer which i am slowly running out of, I have about 3 days worth left. So thank goodness today whilst browsing through Myer, Lancome had a few specials on. There were a bunch of eye shadows and skincare products on a clearance table but nothing really caught my eye, except for this pack which was on sale for $85. The Hydra Zen comes in a 50ml size and the toner and cleanser come in both at 125ml. I havent actually tried the toner before so i'm excited to try it out but as soon as i came across this pack i knew i had to get it as 2 out of 3 products I am already using and loving so there was no way i could walk past this.
The thing I love about the Hydra Zen Moisturizer is that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. It doesnt feel oily or sticky but rather smooth and refreshed. It doesnt feel like my pores are clogged like other moisturizers tend to do for me so it'd be hard for me if i had to switch.
The Galateis Douceur cleansing fluid is amazing! I loved it from the first time I ever tried the sample. I use it on a cleansing pad and just swipe it over my face and eye make up and everything just wipes straight off. Not only that but it leaves the skin feeling so smooth and soft and you can actually feel like its being moisturized while taking off your make up. It's a refreshing feeling and i just love it. So happy i have a bigger bottle.

Another product I picked up is something I've recently come across from a friend of mine. If you're clumsy like me, then this might just be your saviour. Introducing the Hollywood Stain Remover Pen:

This product has seriously become my new best friend. I picked it up in Priceline for $5.99 and just keep it in my handbag and can guarantee it will come in handy. I go out a lot to eat and just in general spill lots of random things all over my clothes and the last thing i want is little food stains in random places all over my clothes. My friend introduced me to this one day when i was annoyed at my self for splattering noodle soup all over my work top and she pulled this out of her bag and told me to use it. I did, and boy was I impressed. It had completely disappeared and so from there, I made a mental note to get myself one of these life savers. I took the liberty to doing a demo for you guys to see and judge for yourself what you think and maybe it'll be a life saver for you too :)

1. I splattered some soya sauce onto a t-shirt - common thing to do right?

2. Placing the pen onto the stain, just gently push down to let the product come out

3. Keep pushing on the pen until the stain liquid remover covers over all the of the stain area
4. When you're done it should look like a wet patch - i know it doesnt look very appealing but wait for it..
5. Drying... 5 mins later..
6. 10 minutes later and done! no more stain, a complete life saver!

So if you're like me and find yourself spoiling your clothes with random stains then I recommend you pick one of these up, you won't regret it :)

Finally, to finish of this blog post, just a random non beauty related item, I bought this work dress. I love the design and colour and the fit of it just flatters my body and i fell in love! For $45 I couldnt put it down:
So that's what I got up to on this public holiday, did you guys hit up the stores too? let me know! x


  1. amazing post :)
    I love this last dtess!
    It's sooo classy!!