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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner

I was strolling though Target the other day looking for stockings and decided to check out the cosmetics section and to my surprise most of the brands were on sale. I was looking through Maybelline, I think it was 25% off all products and I've noticed the gel liners before but for the first time in a long time i finally found it in the shade "eggplant". I remember seeing this shade when they first came out along with the standard black and a brown i think. But after awhile when i decided i finally wanted one, i really wanted it in the eggplant - purple shade, but could not find it anywhere, i was certain it was discontinued or no longer stocked. So i was so excited when i found them in the Target Store on Bourke Street and at 25% off, even better! These retail for around $16 if i recall correctly and it went down to around $12. I did try to swatch it but my camera just wouldnt focus so unfortunately I can't show you what it looks like but it is gorgeous! It is a deep purple with very fine gold flexes. I didn't expect the shimmer but it's actually very pretty and after swatching it on my hand i ran my fingers over it trying to rub it off and it would not budge. No smudging - nothing. I'm definitely going back to pick up the black one.

**ALSO, if you live in Melbourne and get a chance, head down to Priceline as they're having some awesome sales on cosmetics until Monday 11th June.

Let me know if you go and what you bought, if anything :) x


  1. I love targets beauty collection they have such a great selection and deals!
    wonderful post :)


  2. I would love to come to Melbourne! Some of my family live there (i live in the UK)
    Ive followed, follow me back?

    Emily x

  3. you should definitely visit! although our ever changing weather might drive you away haha.
    Thank you, followed u back :) x