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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Natural CURE Aqua Gel

Today I want to share with you guys what I've been using since March as part of my skincare routine. I know there used to be a lot of hype (maybe there still is?) about Japan's "#1 best selling skincare product" namely, Natural Cure Aqua Gel. When I first heard about this product, I didn't really look too much into it, i was curious but not enough for me to jump online and track down a source where I could purchase it. However, back in March during my trip to Singapore, I stumbled across this product in their Watson's health and beauty store and figured I may as well give it a try since it was right in front of me and boy am I glad I did!
I have no idea how I have survived without this and I used to think I was doing ok with my skincare. I didnt have the best skin but it was as good as I knew it could be so I never really thought about adding to or changing my routine. Before using Cure Aqua Gel, my skin was fairly clear to begin with but running my fingers along my face I'd be able to feel little bumps and grooves. It was fairly red in some areas and I always looked dull and tired when barefaced (life of a full time worker??).
I started using Cure when I returned to Australia and as per the instructions that came on the bottle (there were English instructions on the plastic wrap) I use it twice a week religiously on Sunday and Thursday nights. It advises to apply onto clean, dry skin so I make sure I've removed all makeup and cleansed and dried my face before using one pump and gently massaging it into my face in circular motions. I do this for about 30-40 seconds and then rinse off and pat dry. Even within the first use, I could feel a difference in my skin texture, it felt so smooth and my fingers just glided across my face. It also felt really clean, much better than any make up remover could remove.
Now, almost 3 months on, my face has cleared up so much. It feels and looks much better and has also helped to brighten up my complexion. Some days I can just leave the house with out any tinted moisturiser/foundation/BB Cream because I'm that confident with my skin! I never used to feel like this. Although, i must admit that my redness hasnt completely vanished, i still get redness around the corners of my nose and some on my cheeks but nothing overly noticeable. My dark circles are less noticeable as well. I absolutely love this product and for sure will be purchasing a new bottle once I get through this one. 

My Actual bottle - It's going to last me awhile :)

All I need is one pump and it comes out as a clear gel

(Click for larger view) (With Flash) After massaging it into my skin, you're "Dead skin" is supposed to come off which is what the white balls represent. There has been debate as to whether this is actually your skin or not but i'm not going to get into that here. I love this product hands down.

No Flash.

So that's my quick review, hope you guys enjoyed. Does anybody else use Cure Gel or tempted to try? let me know, and if you have any questions just leave them for me below :) x

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