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Monday, June 18, 2012

June 2012 Lust Have It bag!

Today my Lust Have It box (bag) came in the post and I was super excited to receive it. This month's theme is "Fun and Flirty" and although that might sound exciting.. well.. i'll let you guys be the judge.

This month's bag is a purple one and i love it! I'm probably being biased because purple is my favourite colour but even more so because i will actually use it as a makeup bag and take it traveling now. I wasn't too fond of the pink one as funnily enough that is my least favourite colour ever so i'm really happy with this month's bag. Not so much the products..

LonVitalite - 24k Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask
5 pack RRP: $59.00
What you get: 1 mask

LonVitalite - 24k Active Gold Full Eye Mask
5 pack RRP: $45.00
What you get: 1 mask

Ahh.. again with the masks, i feel like i'm building up a collection here lol, maybe i'll collect so many I might just use them so that i can slowly get rid of them. But really, as i've always mentioned, not a fan of masks and now i have two in one pack! We'll see how it goes,  I might cave in and use them one day..

Batiste - Blush Dry Shampoo
150ml RRP: $9.95
What you get: 50ml

This is a cute travel size, definitely something I can just throw in my bag for touch ups for when my roots get oily. I already use a different branded dry shampoo but i'm curious to try this one out.

Bloom - Glitter Eyeliner in "Star Gazer"
4g RRP: $14.95
What you get: 4g (full size)

This looks interesting. I don't own a glitter eyeliner and i'm not against them I just never had the need to go out and buy one but i'm happy to have received this. The swatch on my arm is just one swipe of it. I dont really feel anything towards it, it may just end up being a product I forget i own. The colour isnt that nice but maybe i can work with it.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy
50ml RRP: $90
What you get: 1.2ml

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Eau So Fresh
75ml RRP: $115
What you get: 1.2 ml

More perfume samples.. I feel towards this like i feel towards face masks, I never end up using them as i find perfume gives me really bad headaches so i dont like spraying them on myself. I'll probably end up with a collection of these as well and end up giving them away. Guess it won't be too bad in that case. But i was a little disappointed that we got two perfume samples in this month's bag, they're easily enough to get at the department stores but oh well.

Overall, I'm thoroughly disappointed with this month's LHI bag. There's nothing that I actually like let alone love unless you count the actual bag itself which is funny cos i absolutely loved May's LHI but i guess we cant be pleased every month so i'll keep with them for a while longer.

What did you get in your LHI? Let me know in the comments! x


  1. I received the same things as you, except I have the bloom glitter eyeliner in "Lucky Star", which is a silvery glitter. I too was disappointed when I got the bag. The contents weren't as impressive as BellaBox.

  2. I agree, let's hope this month's bag picks up! We should be receiving them soon, hopefully this week :)