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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I think I've found my new love! I saw this product a few weeks ago on a haul video on youtube and really didnt think anything of it. It looked interesting and i think i made a mental note to check it out but it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago i stumbled across it whilst browsing through Priceline. There was a sale for 20% off Trilogy products so i decided to buy it and possibly give it a ago. I was a bit skeptical as I dont generally like to add new products to my skincare routine especially when my skin is going fine and i have no reason to add anything to it just incase I get a crazy reaction and my skin doesn't forgive me.

The bottle costs around $23 full price and is 20ml. So it's quite small but it would or at least should last you quite awhile. At first I was skeptical about using it even though i'd purchased it because i'd read mixed reviews online. whilst it worked well for some people, it also gave horrible reactions to others. But i decided to take the plunge and thank goodness I did because im sure this will forever be a staple in my skincare routine!
A little background on my skin is that I have very oily skin especially in the T-zone area. I work full time and usually by lunchtime and after my skin will just become shiny and oily no matter what primer i've used and I could blot all afternoon. I sort of just gave up on my self and accepted that this was how my face was always going to be. Not anymore.
Rosehip oil has balancing properties that can be used by anyone whether they have dry or oily skins, and it allows the skin to breathe, therefore all skin types can benefit from rosehip oil.
It can be used as a preventative measure and can also help reduce premature aging. Also, if you already suffer from things such as pigmentation, wrinkling etc, rosehip oil, applied daily can reverse the damage and make the skin appear healthier.

I apply two drops of rosehip oil onto my hand and dot it onto my face and gently rub it in twice a day, once in the morning and again at night onto a clean face. I then let my skin absorb the oil and I can instantly feel from within, my skin just feeling so much softer and healthier. The texture of my face has also gone a lot softer and so much smoother as well as evening out my skin tone. I used to have a lot of redness around my nose but that's clearing up as well. I really recommend Trilogy rosehip oil as I have completely fallen in love with it and can't see myself without it now. It really does make a difference and i'm only sorry that I didn't try it out sooner.

Have you guys tried rosehip oil before? If you have any questions, leave them down below and i'll try my best to answer! x

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