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Sunday, August 26, 2012

REVIEW: One week of Génifique

See what I did there?? haha lame i know. Well if you guys had read, I recently received a prize package from Lancome which you can read about here. One of the products that i received was the Lancome Génifique 30ml bottle. I was really excited to try this out as I had thought about it previously but the price was a bit too steep for me to go out and buy (mind you Lancome have reduced the prices now across selected skincare products).

What Lancome Claims:
Lancome Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate is supposed to boost the activity of our genes so skin looks and feels younger. The 2 biotech active ingredients are Bio-Lysat – stimulates gene’s expression of the identified youth protein; and Phytosphingosine – re-establishes protein synthesis and promotes the development of higher quality, more beautiful skin.

How I used it:
For my first week trial, i decided to use it only once a day at night before bed. I just used the dropper to dispense two drops onto my hand and dabbed it all over my face before gently massaging it into my skin. It doesn't feel sticky but rather a smooth gel consistency that immediately soaks into the skin and dries up. After about 30 seconds you don't even realise you had applied anything! it instantly feels refreshing and my initial thoughts was that I was impressed!

Milky gel consistency and only two drops required for my whole face
For the first 3 days I was really impressed, I honestly thought my skin felt so much smoother, bouncier and soft however it wasnt until the fourth day of application that when i ran my fingers over my forehead I noticed little bumps and unevenness appearing. I decided to ignore it but on the morning of the 5th day after i had cleared my face, i could clearly see little red breakouts forming on my forehead. Now I wont say I've never had breakouts but generally my skin is pretty good with pimples and blemishes. It's quite rare that I do get pimples and when i do, it's only one or two here and there. But now my forehead has completely broken out and i have at least 10-15 little pimples all across my forehead which definitely was not there before i started to use the Génifique.

Also, I have another theory as to what may have caused my breakout and have also considered it may be from the WOTNOT facial cloths that i have been using that i received in the July Bellabox. I used both the WOTNOT facial cloths and Génifique on the same day and everyday after that so a combination of both or just one product could be the cause of my break out on my forehead.
However, I have stopped using both now to try and let my skin calm down before i consider using the Génifique again. I really wanted it to work for me and although i did feel a difference in my skin, i'm not game enough to keep using it with the breakouts occurring. But I havent completely given up hope yet.

So that's my review after one week of trial. Have you guys tried Génifique? or curious to try? let me know below! xx


  1. Aww that's such a shame that it might be the Genifque that is making you breakout! :( It seems like such a good product though :)

    1. i know :( i really wanted it to work but like i said, i havent given up hope yet! just waiting for my forehead to clear and might give it another go, fingers crossed! x

  2. Oh no! I hate it when my face breaks out into lil bumps! I mean, we can't squeeze them (lol I know we're not supposed to!!) and they're just there mocking us! I started getting loads on my forehead this winter and I'm so annoyed by them. Sigh... -.-"

    Anyway, I'm glad you didn't give up hope on the product! I've heard many positive comments on them so I really hope it'll work for you!

    Oh btw, regarding your comment on the Revlon brow pencil, I don't remember the price and I tried combing tru the Priceline online store but failed. But I will keep an eye out for you the next time I see it! I'll drop you a comment or email with the info as soon as possible. =D

    1. i know right! it's really irritating and although i shouldnt touch them i know they're there so i cant help it lol, probably rubbing all this bacteria onto them haha, yuck. good news is that it's clearing up slowly so we'll see.. i'm prepared to give the Genifique a second chance lol

      ok, thanks! no pressure lol, im sure i could just roam around in the shops like i usually do but i'll keep an eye out too, at least i've discovered it now thanks to you! x